Wacom Tablets in SVG

I’ve been doodling these wacom tablets in svg so I can have a play at improving the gui configuration tool for these tablets in Ubuntu. Can you spot your tablet here?

When I’m done they’ll all be released in source format (svg) as creative commons attribution share-alike. For now, enjoy this rendering.

7 thoughts on “Wacom Tablets in SVG

  1. Mine’s not there.

    As I can’t draw very well, and only use the tablet for occasional photo touch-up work in The GIMP, I saved (a ton of) money by buying an old RS232 Intuos 1 off eBay.

    Although I draw a webcomic in Inkscape, I don’t _draw_ it (i.e. don’t use the freehand or calligraphy tools), but rather piece bits together from primitives, then tweak nodes by hand. For that approach I find a mouse suits me better than the tablet.

  2. Paul Tagliamonte says:
    2010-11-02 at 22:17

    You’re missing mine!

    Wacom Bamboo πŸ™‚

    Yep the whole Bamboo series including my Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch is missing.

    But the existing ones are great! Good work.

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