UDS Narwhal – Tuesday

Date/Time and Calendar for App-Indicators

One of the barriers to getting Unity as the default interface for the Ubuntu desktop is the deficient clock applet. In order to fix the issues there will be a made a ui for changing the existing settings which are currently only available from gconf, plus changes to allow calendar entries to be taken from multiple sources with a default plugin for data from evolution. There will also be geo-location information used for changing the time zone automatically if possible.

Developer Outreach and Education

We need better documents for explaining how the development process works in Ubuntu and how new developers and existing programmers can get involved. Part of this will involve writing new documents, some new diagrams to give good overviews. There was talk of improving the mentoring system and improving the social relationship between experienced and new developers.

“Donations” through the Software Center

An exciting discussion about using the software center to accept payment/donations/flaters so that users can put money into the projects they love. This proposal is more of a donation system than a payment system so free Free Software would be able to register their donation method. Normally a commercial FOSS package should be added to a different part of the Software Center system. Participation will be initially limited to google summer of code projects since google have done a lot of the hard leg work for identifying project authorities for accepting payments.

The Ubuntu Artwork Team

The artwork team is getting a boost. We’ll be working on researching and designing a website for supporting artwork and design processes. This web presence will be our main goal for this cycle.

5 thoughts on “UDS Narwhal – Tuesday

  1. For the donations, was there any discussion about whether there would be some sort of overhead fee for processing the donation through the Ubuntu store.

    I ask the question without pre-judging the ethical nature of such overhead fees. And if I were going to state an opinion I would say that a small administrative cut of the donation to sustain the software store infrastructure is perfectly acceptable because well..running infrastructure costs money. If it exists I just want to make sure its transparently communicated ahead of the donation system going online so noone get surprised.


  2. On “Developer Outreach and Education”, I see this as primarily a competition for attention. Step 1 would be to catch more potential developers before they get entrenched on another (usually proprietary) platform, or get carried away with other non-development projects/distractions. This is where marketing can help. How about an “Ubuntu Developer’s Program” that hits some major cities?

    Another help (which was briefly mentioned in the session) is prominent placement of a “Get Developing on Ubuntu” type of button/menu/clickable-thing that is a permanent fixture on the Ubuntu desktop. I’d put a plug in for my WeMenu dream, but… oops I guess I just did.

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