What is going on Dell?

I have to admit I’m kinda confused by Dell’s Ubuntu support, their USA website is currently selling four computers under the Ubuntu page. One Moblin Remix Mini 10v and three with 9.10, although I’ve only read a couple of reviews about the Moblin remix the consensus is that it’s not quite as good as the Netbook remix yet.

Now onto their EU sites which still have Ubuntu pages and pages which Ubuntu is still advertising, but for which they do not actually sell any Ubuntu computers at all, it just redirects you to buy windows. They’ve stopped selling and they’re sale staff are certain they’ll never sell them again. Should I be pleased that my American friends can enjoy a limited set of Ubuntu computers or annoyed that the UK is showing it’s self to be a technology basket case again?

Dell, I shan’t be referring anyone to buy from you until you pick up your game and start producing products which can match those of other suppliers and make them available in important locations. This also reflects badly on Canonical of course who gets licensing revenue from every Dell with Ubuntu sale, but not from any System76 sales, so why do people in the UK (where Canonical is based) need to buy from system76?

It’s also bad that their dell partner webpage is so out of date, don’t Dell tell Canonical when they stop selling machines in what countries? At least the Canadian ubuntu page on the dell side has been removed, we should at least make sure it’s removed on the ubuntu side too.