Ground Control Plans (UDS)

One of the things I hope to talk about at UDS is ground control and it’s development focus, these are the current things on the table that are outside of bugs in existing features:

* Create Project / Branch
* Extract from gtk and make available to qt, attract developer to work on dolphin plugin
* Extract from launchpad and allow savanah and other project management sites
* Extract from bazaar and allow other systems
* Develop a conflict resolution feature
* Separate launchpadlib interactions into a dbus based system
* Develop a type-of-content set of default buttons for certain kinds of projects (this is moving more towards quickly territory though)

I may also want to discuss methods of payment for these features, who needs the features and for what reason, perhaps organise a crowd funding event to free my time up from job hunting and other spurious pocket money activities to work on this.

Your Thoughts?