Ground Control 1.6 and Website

Hey everyone,

I’m pleased to announce the release of Ground Control 1.6, these feature features minor improvements and fixes but the main change is fixing the launchpad openid problem that stopped all new users of ground control from enjoying the integration.

I’m also pleased to announce the new ground control website which was very kindly designed by Brett Alton and produced by myself for this release. You can get the new version 1.6 from the download link on the website and please do use the Latest / PPA as the version in Lucid is 1.5 and still suffers from the launchpad openid login bug.

Any thoughts and comments please post them here, but any bugs please post them to the launchpad bug tracker.

9 thoughts on “Ground Control 1.6 and Website

  1. I have Installed ground control 1.6 from the PPA and it fails to start (generally it’s not discoverable at all but I dpkg-query -L groundcontrol to find the binaries.

  2. I was expecting the new site to be a genetic looking blog, but its actually really professional and slick looking. Props to Brett Alton.

  3. Hmm that looks like the same packaging bug as last time, where the wouldn’t get setup right. Could you report a bug in launchpad (with this info) as well as the contents of /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/GroundControl/

  4. Hi Martin, nice and beautiful Website.

    Typo : on download Page, bazzar -> bazaar.

    Question : is it a static Website or done with some CMS tool ?

  5. Hi
    i went to ground control website and just saw the video aren`t working … they are not found.

  6. They’re new, sorry about that. The front page one should work and show the 1.0.6 videos and I’ll get right on making the rest of the videos.

  7. Just letting everyone know that, although I designed the site, Martin did a lot of nice updates to it and the content is entirely his. It looks very nice Martin, I love your changes.

    The site is not a CMS, everything is hand-coded (strictly at Martin’s request). Also, as Martin explains in his next post, he uses SSI, so everything is not static:

    You can see/grab the code here:

    Thank you for the compliments everyone.

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