Another Bad Printer

While I go around to many places to fix computers running ubuntu, I keep running into a really dumb problem which is printing. Every one of the printers for office use I’ve had to deal with has not been listed on and OPO doesn’t have any rationale policy for contributing back PPDs when you finally figure it out.

I managed to get a Canon imageRunner2022i running by rewriting the PPD for the 2020. What do I do with this bit of work now? I can’t upload it, I can’t even contact the developers of pxlmono through any normal development channels such as irc, mailing lists or forums.

Today I’ve looking at a Konica-Minolta bizhub C350, this one is even better because it _used_ to have an entry on but it was removed. I have no idea why, but no page that explains “this printer doesn’t work” or “The driver is no longer working”.

Konica-Minolta actually have drivers available for “Linux” (what ever that is) available on their US website and they are totally useless. debs and rpms that when installed have PPDs that don’t work, files that are installed in all the wrong places and no seeming compatibility to a modern FreeDesktop.

By using the google cache I was able to view the previous contents of the C350 printer page and use a link to Minolta’s European download page where they have a link to their older driver which does work when you put the files in the right places and call them the right things.

On testing it appears as if the options for duplex don’t work, but at least it doesn’t do multi print weirdness as the c350 does. Please do post below if you know of a way to get bizhub C350s working properly (with duplex and all).