Anime Boston Well on Our Way

Thanks to everyone who has been helping the Ubuntu MA team and Danny Piccirillo, Myself and Michael Dexter of the Linux fund with the Ubuntu @ Anime Boston event. We’ve got most of the money and most of the resources too, so a big thank you goes out to:

  • Canonical Ltd for a timely conference pack with t-shrits, pens, caps and 300 Karmic CDs.
  • Go Promotional for their printing of flyers.
  • Arturo Silva for his Art, Money and general outstanding kindness.
  • Everyone who has been very kind to our project and donated or helped with materials.

So to keep everyone up to date this is where we are as of today: We have money to get things made, manga, flyers, posters and a new team banner (lost the old one doh!) We have materials, cds, canonical flyers, this how-to-make Anime in ubuntu flyer and some lovely pens.

What we’re working on producing is: Designs for flyers (which I’ll post as they’re done), we want to get in touch with that new anime project that seeks to produce an anime using FOSS tools, maybe even the Blender project to get some information from those projects made available.

We’ll need to start getting a roster together of people who are going to be able to come to the event, there are 2 spots that come with the booth we’ve gotten and we can buy more. People who are going to Anime Boston anyway and wouldn’t mind manning the table for an hour over the weekend can also apply to us by email. We’d also like to know who’ll be coming so we can spot you and have some time to chat with people from out of state who might already be involved in FOSS/Ubuntu.