Ground Control 1.5 – Custom Scripts and Bug Fixes

Dear opportunistic developer community, I’m proud to release version 1.5 of ground control. This new release features a lot of stabilisation and bug fixing. We’re now much more careful about showing buttons when your not online, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see any buttons and your not connected to the internet. Only some buttons are offline use.

Some of you may also not see any buttons because we had to remove the use of XDG_PROJECTS and now we need a .groundcontrol file to exist in any directory you want to see project buttons. Don’t blame us, Debian maintainers have been really harsh to the functionality of ground control and it’s basically because we do odd things to make it easier.

But also some extra features such as the custom buttons that project maintainers can opt into. If you look at the screen-shot on the right, you’ll see that the ground control branch has two new buttons that are unique to the ground control trunk branch and you won’t see them in any other project code base. They are in italic and say “Test This Branch” and “Make Release”, these two buttons are actually scripts which help developers build and release the code base and each code base is going to be different.

If you would like your project to be able to take advantage of these buttons you simply create a .gcfunctions file in the root of your code/branch and fill it with yaml content like the example below, make sure that the scripts you reference are functional and do what you need to. I’d also advise not having more than a few buttons at any given time.

Format of file .gcfunctions:
  name: Button Text
  command: ./scripts/to/
  show-in: [any|code-locked,code-modified,code-modified,code-commited,code-mergereq,code-uploaded,code-none,code-checkout]
  offline: [False|True] (shows button if offline if True)

  name: Make Release
  command: ./scripts/build/
  show-in: code-none
  offline: False
  name: Test This Branch
  command: ./scripts/build/
  show-in: any
  offline: True

I hope you enjoy this release and I can be more certain now that more people will be able to enjoy it without problems. But if you do find yourself experiencing bugs, do hop over to the launchpad bugs report area and write down your issues. Be sure to include logs (create a ~/groundcontrol.log file in your home folder to contain the logs) and give all the steps you used to reproduce the problems.