1 Year of Blogging

So it’s been an entire year since I started blogging here on wordpress. It’s been quite the education, not only for the things I wanted to learn, like better writing skills, but also some other journalistic skills like not making people mad and using better language to describe things. And I’ve managed to write a least one entry per day in the year, sometimes it’s been a bit hairy with time tables and I’ve ended up having to write the next day and release it for the previous or next day, but over all it’s been fairly constant.

I’ve had many comments through the year, lots of people have thanked me for writing this self indulgent blog. Some think I analyse things in an interesting way, others just like my Ubuntu community updates and artwork show casing.

What ever the reason for reading my blog, Thank you all! It’s so great to have readers who give helpful advice, corrections and thoughtful encouragement.