Ground Control 1.4 – Coloured Diffs a Merging In

Hey everyone! I’m proud to release version 1.4 of ground control into the wild.

You can download the version 1.4 at my PPA or keep up with the daily builds of the ground control trunk (which may not always work)

So to the features in this release… We have exclent news for people like Benjamin of the ubuntu manual project, who wanted the ability to download a branch that’s owned by a group your a member of. It also should allow you to manage your project when your to primary developer.

We have the ability to merge in requests when you are the primary developer, this is marked by your branch directory having the same parent url as it’s push location. This merge request will show a list of branches with merge requests outstanding, so you don’t have to dog through and remember which branches have merge requests.

We also have a wonderful commit diff that you can see in the screenshot, what I’m done is I’ve reused the wonderful work done by the bzr-gtk developers and simply created one of their diffing windows inside of the commit window instead of making my own. This saved an aweful lot of development time, working out how to colour it in using your gedit preferences.

There are also a large number of other fixes which should help. but the majority of this release is for project managers and project owners to deal with the larger number of requests coming in thanks to ground control.

Do test and do let me know what you think, I enjoy hearing when people are using it and finding it useful.