Ground Control 1.3 – Added Bug Fixing

Yes, we got a great set of features in this release of ground control, as well as the regular set of fixes for problems that seemed to crop in last time. Thanks to everyone who reported to bugs and kept me on my toes fixing them.

You can download the version 1.3 at my PPA or keep up with the daily builds of the ground control trunk (which may not always work)

So what do we have? well as you can see from the screenshot we have a new feature where you can search for bugs in launchpad and attach them to commits, much like you would use –fixes= on the command line. The difference is that the search feature makes it easy to pinpoint the exact bug you need.

Not only that, but we now have the Jono Baon inspired bug fix work-flow, there is a new button on the projects and project view which allows someone to search for a bug and then let the code do all the hard work of downloading the right branch of code and giving it an appropriate work-name. Then when your finished fixing the code, there is just a simple one button which commits, pushes and merges into launchpad including attaching the bug you originally specified.

If the bug you selected has a project assigned which doesn’t have a default development focus, then it’ll bring up a branch selection so you can choose which branch you should fix the bug in.

So we need testing of both of these new features, as well as testing of existing features which have been there for a few releases. Obviously we’re trying to make sure everything is stable for the 18th Feb (only 11 days away) so we need your immediate assistance in picking out problems with the release.

And I have to say that I’ve been loving the encouragement from you guys, I’m glad yu like this work and can see value it in being done.