Ground Control 1.2 – Merge, Pull and Ignore

For all those who reported that terrible missing branding bug that stopped you getting the code of your favourite projects, the new release of ground control should fix that. It’s also got a whole bunch of other fixes and improvements, including the ability to ignore new files in commits and merge/pull from the parent branch.

For all those that missed my demonstration blog entry, Ground Control is a desktop integration for your launchpad projects. It allows you to collaborate on bazaar branches if an effective and easy to follow way by removing or making smart most of the difficulties that stop contributors on the command line.

Do go check out the demonstration of version 1.0, it’s still got the core concepts and then you can download it via my ppa and enjoy checking out project code from nautilus.

Update: There was a configuration bug that’s now fixed, please try again if your attempt to use it got stuck ont he launchpad configuration.