Ground Control gets i18n

A big thank you to both Andrew Starr-Bochicchio and Ddorda for working on the internationalization of the ground control project, the work is on going and the english is likely to change as we come up to these first release milestones, but I’ve excited to see such great work.

We have the pot files automatically uploaded to launchpad and ready for translation, I’m still not sure if it will work since I don’t have any translations yet. But I’m very confident that the code we have so far should work as expected.

Concerning right to left languages (Semitic languages: Arabic and Hebrew) we know that there exist a number of problems where word wrapping problems mean words are off the screen and you have to scroll to them. It’s possible that if you do translations you’ll find more of these kinds of bugs.

So please do report bugs about errors in language translation.