Because We're not Subservient

I might as well come right out and say it, all these financial problems, all these banking scandals and all these job losses, they’re all down to one simple fact.

We don’t like to serve our masters.

If we, the common people, weren’t so hung up on fairness and “everyone is equal” cultures, we’d find it easier to adequately bow and scrape at the feet of those with the money, there by effecting the great trickle down effect which would transfer some portion of the wealth back to the people who create it in the first place.

Think about this mess from a rich banker’s point of view. Here we have a my massive pile of cash in some foreign, tax protected bank, and what do I find when I try and spend it? Why I find good for nothing, cheeky beggars telling me that I can’t hire out the salvation army to whip people in the street. What a nanny state we’ve got ourselves into.

This must be the truth of course, otherwise how could you explain the failure of the financial system to effectively transfer and balance wealth before the failure of the production and workers for which the money’s value is based on?

Some people claim it’s because when you borrow out at 400:1 leverage your effectively printing money and that effectively causes massive inflation in what ever products those who got all the money want to buy: Houses, student loans, yachts, laws, etc.

Some say we need regulation to better protect people from unfair lending practices or unfair rents for essential properties.

The real solution of course is to grind people’s spirits down until they can not stand up to their betters. So that they know their place and their place is at the feet of the wealthy earning minimum wage (should be scrapped to!). Only when people who work are in the correct mindset that they have nothing to live for but to be slaves to the rich in our economy, those who have rightly not worked for the hoards of money which so effectively represents the work the working class have done.

Only then will we have an economy that doesn’t fall down every five years.

* Warning: This is satire, you may experience some emotion.