Question: Ubuntu Simple UI

I have a number of people in my family who suffer from poor eye sight, not blind, but poor. Some are elderly, some suffer from health problems. What they have in common is a reluctance to use the computer to communicate with their family and friends.

Now, I would suggest that these people adopt ubuntu, it’s more flexible that windows xp when it comes to what you can do with UI, especially with fonts, colours and accessibility options. But what I’d like is something even simpler. A GUI with very few buttons that can be installed on top of gnome, which contains a simple interface into a browser, a message/IM system perhaps with video chat and email. I know all the backend technologies are in place, I guess it’s just a matter of finding something that brings it all together.

So, Ubuntu community, what different UI’s do you know of?

I wanted to find out what ui was being used for UNR, but I couldn’t seem to find much information on it or how to install it on a standard ubuntu install. Thoughts? could that solve a few of these problems?