Ubuntu's Internet Connection Sharing

I was doing a bit of a search for internet connection sharing this evening, you know like you do. And what I found was a bit of a mish-mash.

Plenty of people on the forums are currently or have in the past advised a method which is highly complex and involves a great deal of custom configuration. Take this thread: Howto Share internet connection in the Tutorials and Tips section of the forum. You get to this when you do a search for “Internet connection sharing ubuntu” and this forum post is from 2005.

To correct some of this misinformation, I’m posting here this evening a quick video guide for how you deal with sharing from one ethernet port to another. I’ve asked my good friend David Edwards to record his first video, he uses WindowsXP for all of his own work and doesn’t use Ubuntu normally.

So to share any internet connection method to your ethernet:

  1. Connect to your internet connection via WiFi, Ethernet or GSM as you usually do.
  2. Right click on the network manager icon
  3. Select “Edit Connections…”
  4. Go to your “Wired” connection tab.
  5. Click the “Add” button
  6. Enter the connection name “Shared Internet”
  7. Select the IPv4 tab
  8. Under Method, select “Shared with other computers”
  9. Click “Apply”
  10. Click on the network manager again, this time with the left button
  11. For the target ethernet port, select the new “Shared Internet”.
  12. Now plug in your computer via ethernet.

If you want to share your internet connection via wifi, then you need to use the “Create new wireless network…” to make a wireless network that other computers will be able to connect to. This automatically shares your internet connection.