Ubunchu Chapter 03 is here!

Great news, we’ve finished work on translating the excellent Chapter 03 of the Ubunchu Manga.

This chapter tells the story of our system admin club members negotiating their way through the Ubuntu Forums, will they find geeks replaying with RTFM posts or will they find a kinder and more helpful community. And why has Akane, our skilled hacker, never posted to a forum before?

You’ll have to download it to find out!

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  1. matthew says:

    I decided to let the forums community know directly.


  2. Shiretoko says:

    The title of the Chapter 3 page says “Chapter 01”

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  4. Vadim P. says:

    Heh. Rather funny 🙂

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  6. Bryce Harrington says:

    Yikes, and it starts with an X failure!

    However… that’s not what Ubuntu’s X failure dialog looks like…

  7. WindPower says:

    The right-to-left PDF is actually left-to-right! D:

  8. Erm, may I have the English source file? I’d like to continue my Vietnamese translation.

  9. Martin Owens says:

    Of course, the first thing to do, is to do the translation here:


    Then download and do editing here:


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  11. Hi!!

    Ubunchu has a new translation!!!

    Language: Galician, Spain
    Website: http://softwarelibre.udc.es
    Direct link(pdf): http://osl.udc.es/ubunchu/chapter-3/ubunchu-gl-cap-03.pdf

    Direct link(svg): http://osl.udc.es/ubunchu/chapter-3/ubunchu-gl-cap-03.tar.gz

    Now waiting for the 4th chapter!!

  12. Martin Owens says:

    Brilliant, I’ll add these in soon!

  13. WindPower says:

    Time to start working on the 4th episode 😀

  14. Martin Owens says:

    It’s gone to ubunchu.net now, thanks!