Reporting Bugs and Screen Videos

I just did an odd thing with my bug report. lp:#429926, I attached a video which attempts to explain the problem.

I didn’t do this at first, at first I just described the bug as I have in the past. But JazzyNico’s not reproducible response got me thinking of how I could show this bug as being reproducible. So using gtk-recordMyDesktop and my handy usb headset I made a video recording on my desktop while I showed the problem and how to reproduce it.

I double checked with some launchpad people to make sure I wasn’t uploading anything too big or crazy. They seem happy with it so long as it’s not too big. And recordMyDesktop saves as ogg vorbis/theora videos, so artefacts are kept low. I could have uploaded to or some other video site, but I think they would have converted to mpeg, further degrading the video.

Have other people done this?