Barcode Imposible: Ubuntu Printing

This is just a quick blog post to exacerbate what a pain in the neck it is to try and print barcodes that will actually work. The problem is that the printing framework (cups and gnome printing) consistently expects US Letter sizes, consistently resizes images, consistently produces odd results printing svg or pdfs generated from svgs and even pngs with transparency produce black field backgrounds.

I’m disappointed that I haven’t managed to get any of the 5 different image viewers or edits to print correctly yet, and don’t really have any good ideas of all the different problems. I can’t really file a bug report as there are too many different bugs that I can’t quite nail down precise singular issues. Although orientation and sizes are difficult problems I know, so perhaps we just need some guys to spend some paper-cut time on it.

Update: I managed to get gimp to do the job by changing the orentation of the paper that is defined in the custom sizes. So as well as 5×3, I also have 3×5. I now have a clue as to what the problem may be so I can help report it.